Daisy-chaining via stage click and stream-end

This example uses the ability of the vLink flashvar to evaluate JavaScript commands as well as a URL. Note that autoPlay must be true, all quotes used in the js commands must be escaped single quotes (see the config file 19 vLink member of tplayervideo1), and f.tvideo1[25]= false ( use a start image).

Click the stage to move to next video and then again to move to optin form, or just wait for the videos to complete.

When setting up the source in instance custom 1 for the generic content an absolute path must be used for your content file:
f.tcustom1[0] = 'http://www.dpopup.com/remote/tplayer/user/my-generic2.html';//source
(IE & FireFox assume different relative paths for this file for complex internal reasons)