Displaying a button at the end of video

When the video finishes it is set to run a simple js command that makes the button under it visible
  1. Set up a default video instance with your video, using whatever display method you want. Here it is anchored in a table cell (view source)

  2. Add the button into the page (here this is added under the video in the same table. Set the visibility of the button to "hidden" and give it an id (the id will be used to control it from the config file). See the source of this demo for the example code.

  3. In the video instance set the run on stream end option on:

    f.tvideo1[7] = 'true';//runOnStreamEnd

  4. In the video instance set the command to be run:

    f.tvideo1[16] = 'parent.de7("myoptinbutton").style.visibility="visible"';//onStreamEnd

    Where "myoptinbutton" is the id of the button in the page.

  5. Set any other options you need such as autoplay, hide controls etc and test.