Transparent Player is the Most Powerful, All in One Video player on the Internet
  • Transparent


  • Embedded

  • HTML5

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    Transparent Player Comes with Many Cutting-Edge Features
  • RTMP streaming support
    Now you can use true rtmp streaming which can be used to secure your video files from download and more!
  • HTML5 Video
    HTML5 fallback script with Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod compatibility!
  • Built In DHTML Popup script
    for Video Lightbox and Modal Effects
  • Triggered events
    such as auto scrolling, optin box and popup triggered after video and more!
  • h.264
    and flashplayer 10+ video formats playback support!
  • Streaming
    including .flv, .mp4, and .mov format videos!
  • Clickable video
    Additional feature for "click me" type videos!
  • Silent Start
    For "click for audio" videos and looping!
  • “Play Once”
    Play video on first visit only with cookie tracking option!
  • Wordpress blog and Joomla compatible!
  • Customized Controls
    Hide play controls and trigger order button display at end of video capabilities!
  • Use any Web 2.0 start image style you want!
  • And many more features you can read about below..
  • Capabilities you have never seen before in any other web site video player...
    • Stream high quality video instantly without annoying load times.
    • One of the most light weight players on the market.
    • Videos can trigger unblockable dhtml pop ups with opt-in forms etc.
    • Trigger videos to play in any position on the page.
    • Create auto scrolling web page video tours with chained video triggers!
    • "Auto scroll" the visitor to any point in a page.
    • Can trigger a series or chain of videos in one or many locations.
    • Track whether the visitor has already viewed the video or not.
    • Play transparent "walk on" spokesperson type alpha channel video.
    • Set to auto play or not auto play.
    • Auto loading on or off settings for each video instance.
    • Video buffer (load) time settings for fastest delivery and optimial performance.
    • Direct embed, floating popup, or anchored layer options for video display.
    • Built in dhtml script for popup effects.
    • Custom positioning for video popups and walk on videos using anchors and x/y axis settings.
    • Auto and manual close and vanish or replay options.
    • Start frame image or custom start images and end frame image options.
    • Can trigger another video or unblockable pop up at end of play.
    • Trigger video after optin popup submitted or closed!
    Don't forget that Transparent Player can also be used as a traditional web site video player with very powerful feature options...
    From the desk of Josh Anderson, What you are looking at is a revolutionary new progressive streaming web site video player I am calling the "Transparent Player." Transparent player is the most powerful direct response web site video player on the net. Its features alone have the potential of boosting attention, response, and increasing desired web site visitor actions for any online video publisher. The player is fully optimized for the fastest possible load times, the fastest playback, and the best loading, caching and playback behaviors. These features can save you unnecessary bandwidth costs and create the best experience for your web site visitors! The player also supports playback of standard flash video formats as well as transparent flv alpha channel videos.

    "Add simple links or hyper linked images or icons that trigger help videos or guided web page tours... limitless possibilities!"

    So let me speak to you seriously for a moment... I do not really need to hype this technology up. It speaks for itself and... well... we are the only site who can offer all of this powerful web site video player technology in one package to you. The interactivity and effects you can create with this powerful "little" player are beyond anything any other company in the industry has ever brought to market:

    "Best of all there are no special streaming servers required and It's easy to implement and easy to use."

    This web site video player technology provides the opportunity to create more impact, boost response, increase conversions, and give your site the "wow factor." The interactivity and effects you can create with this powerful "little" player are beyond anything any other company in the industry has ever brought to market:
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    I know you are going to love the Transparent Player. This is by far one of the best players in the industry and this technology is not available anywhere else.

    Learn the industry's best ways to encode your videos so that the files are smaller, so that they stream faster, and so that they still look great. Sincerely, Josh Anderson - Web media development junkie and mad scientist President, Internet Business Ideas Inc.